CRUD: Create, Read, Update & Delete

In this sample, we illustrate how to read and display data from a dataset. Additionally, we illustrate how to manipulate the dataset by creating, updating and deleting records in it.

Sample Highlights:

  • Connecting to a Database
  • Executing a SQL query
  • Reading records
  • Creating records
  • Editing records
  • Deleting records

Build your first low-code CRUD application. Download the sample for free

Configuring the Sample application:

  • Download the Northwind database here and restore it.
  • Open the DataGridAddEdit application with the Stadium Designer.
  • Expand Connectors in the Application Explorer panel.
  • Update the NorthwindDatabaseConnector Connection String in the Properties panel according to your environment setup.
  • Click on “Run” on the Ribbon in the Stadium Designer. This will deploy the solution to localhost and open it in your browser.
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