Using DataGrid Properties

In this sample, we illustrate how to use the optional properties that the DataGrid offers. These optional properties are the search bar, the data export function and making records in the data set selectable. The search bar is used when the user search for specific records in the dataset. The data export function is used when its required to export the data that is displayed in the DataGrid. Making data selectable is used when you want to action specific records in the DataGrid.

Sample Highlights:

  • Searching for records
  • Exporting records
  • Selecting specific records

Download the sample for free

Configuring the Sample application:

  • Download the Northwind database here and restore it.
  • Open the DataGridProperties application with the Stadium Designer.
  • Expand Connectors in the Application Explorer panel.
  • Update the NorthwindDatabaseConnector Connection String in the Properties panel according to your environment setup.
  • Click on “Run” on the Ribbon in the Stadium Designer. This will deploy the solution to localhost and open it in your browser.
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