You can style the way your pages and controls will be displayed in a browser.

The Styles Editor makes it easy to create styles without knowing the details of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Add styles

How to use the Styles Editor

  1. Select Styles from the menu on the left.
  2. To set 'global' styles, select the Control for which you want to set styles (e.g. Button).
  3. To set 'inline' styles for specific instances of a control, select the control listed on the relevant page for which you want to set styles (e.g. Button1 on the StartPage).
  4. Select the relevant style values (e.g. blue) for the style parameters you want to set (e.g. the font color).


  • Global styles will apply to all the instances of the particular control type (e.g. button).
  • Styles you set for a specific instance of a control will override the global style settings.
  • If you also created styles with the StyleSheet editor, for any duplicate 'global' styles the styles from the stylesheet will override the styles created with the Styles Editor.