The While action is a type of loop that will evaluate a specified condition either at the beginning or at the end of each iteration, and that will continue to loop whilst the condition is true.


  • Condition
    The condition that will determine whether the loop will continue or not.
  • Test
    Select 'Before' if you want the condition to be tested before the next loop iteration. Select 'After' if you want the condition to be tested after each loop iteration.

    Use 'After' when you want to execute the body of the loop at least once, even if the condition fails.

How to create a While loop

  1. Drag a While action onto the canvas.
  2. Set the Condition property by adding a condition expression.
  3. Set the Test property by selecting either 'Before' or After'.
  4. Drag onto your While action's loop sub-section all the actions that must execute in each loop iteration, e.g. SetValue.