Types can be used to create variables of different types that can be used in your application's processing of data.

How to use Types

  1. Click on the Types icon on the top menu bar.
  2. Provide a name for your Type.
  3. Select what type you are creating, e.g. List or Object.
  4. Drag your Type to an Event, e.g. a page load. At this point you are creating a variable of that Type.
  5. Add the required actions to your Event to interact with your variable, e.g. to store values to it or to assign its value to other variables, Actions or Controls.

Supported Types

When creating a Type, the following are available:

  1. Any
    Can be created for strings, integers and booleans.
  2. List
    Can be created for a list of items. The items can be of any Type.
  3. Object
    Can be created for JSON objects.
  4. Existing Types
    Can be created as a Type of a Type.