File System Connector for Upload and Download of Files

In this sample, we make use of the File System Connector. We illustrate how to upload, download and delete a sample file from your file system. Additionally, we make use of the “File Exist” function to see if the sample file is in your file system.

Sample Highlights:

  • Connecting to a File System
  • Uploading a file
  • Downloading a file
  • Deleting a file
  • Checking if a file exists

Upload or download a file. Download the sample for free

Configuring the Sample application:

  • Open the FileSystemConnector application with the Stadium Designer.
  • Expand Connectors in the Application Explorer panel.
  • Change the directory you want to upload the sample file to, in the MyFileSystem properties panel.
  • Click on “Run” on the Ribbon in the Stadium Designer. This will deploy the solution to localhost and open it in your browser
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