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Our support covers support on standard functionality, including strategy. architecture and customisation advice. Advice and solution reviews is given in accordance with our Fair Use Policy.


General support is via email. Responses are classified by priority and are generally answered within 3 days.

Premium Support is a person-to-person support channel staffed with experienced engineers. Service levels for premium support are;

  1. Email response within 24 hours
  2. Online helpdesk with response within 24 hours
  3. Telephone support during SAST working hours

Support does not include 

  1. Developing your application;
  2. Debugging your application;
  3. Analyzing and troubleshooting the performance of your application or infrastructure, except where they can be directly linked to an issue with Stadium.

Support does not apply to any issues that arise as a result of:

  1. Factors outside our reasonable control;
  2. Your unmodified use of Stadium after we advised you to modify your use of Stadium;
  3. The operation of the Stadium product in environmental conditions or configurations outside those described in the Stadium documentation;
  4. Your failure to upgrade or update the Stadium product to a supported version;
  5. Actions of any third party other than Stadium or a third party authorized by Stadium;
  6. Causes unrelated to the Stadium product, including, but not limited to, modifications to the Stadium product, not following appropriate security practices, inadequate hardware resources, third party software or services.


Advice and solution reviews refers to the reading of your solution and providing experience-based feedback. It also includes the review and suggested improvements in order to get the best out of Stadium for your working scenario.  This can be completed via email, online (gotomeeting, skype etc) or any other online communication channel agreed by both parties. Solution reviews and advice is given in accordance with our Fair Use Policy.


Training is provided on ad-hoc basis and covers best practices, use of the tool, features and solution planning. This is typically provided by online meeting or any other online communication channel agreed by both parties. Training is given in accordance with our Fair Use Policy. Additional training can be purchased if required


As part of our commitment to providing excellent quality and reliable service, Stadium has a Fair Usage Policy on its support services. This Fair Usage Policy contains usage guidelines for customers using the Stadium support services to ensure that customers use the service reasonably. While we encourage Stadium customers to take full advantage of the excellent quality of service, we have an obligation to ensure that all customers who pay for support receive the best possible service at all times.

Stadium reserve the right to limit the time our team spend on support with any customer who are deemed to be taking advantage of this service, which is offered to all customers.  While we don’t want to ever stop any customer speaking with a member of the team, we must also provide the same level of service to all of our customers in an equal proportion.

Customers deemed to be abusing the Fair Use Policy will be notified and further access times may be restricted or required to upgrade to the Premium Support package. Support calls are monitored and collated in terms of time and support quality to ensure that all customers are treated equally and provided the best service possible.

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