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Stadium is the easiest way to build ASP.NET web applications


Professional web applications


Stadium generates complete .NET solutions in seconds. We use Bootstrap 3, HTML5, CSS3 and JS to make sure your site will run on all browsers and cross over to mobile too.

100% portable

Create an application, host it anywhere and distribute it as often you like. Stadium generates a completely portable ASP.NET MVC application. Your data, your design, your success. Deploy anywhere, anytime.

Simple Forms

Build your pages using a wide range of form and other controls, like data grids, buttons, labels, text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons and drop downs. We'll be including even more in the months to come.

Any look and feel

Choose from one of the Stadium templates or completely customise the css for your brand. We have made it really easy to change the standard look and feel with your own CSS.

Your Databases

Connect to any version of SQLServer, use Oracle databases or add a connection to databases that support ODBC (like MySQL and others) to create dynamic pages.

Easy scripts

To make scripting easy, we have created a drag and drop interface for client-side scripts without coding. Connect to web services and run SQL using AJAX. We have also made it easy for you to write your own JavaScript.

Create solutions visually

Check out this short introduction to Stadium

Sample Applications


Learn how to perform database operations like select, insert, update and delete in Stadium. This also shows the basics of the DataGrid control.


Upload & Download files

See how to upload and download files in an application.


Calling a webservice

Learn how to use a webservice.



Many webservices return the results as JSON, a very common format to store and transport data in. Learn how to handle this in Stadium.


Selectable DataGrid

Select rows in a DataGrid and execute a specific action on every selected row.


Stadium Advantage

Data management applications

Applications built with Stadium are about managing data. Use databases, webservices, datagrids and forms to quickly create secure data management web interfaces.

Easy to create

People that build web applications or sites with Stadium do not have to know how to programme. Drag and drop controls, set some properties and you can generate a complete, working website, just like that.

Quick to build

With Stadium you can develop web applications much quicker than when coding them. All code Stadium generates has already been tested and all you need to do is make sure your business logic is correct.

Simple to change

Business need dynamic applications that can be adjusted to the changing business environment quickly and deployed rapidly. With Stadium, it is quick and easy to keep the applications in synch with changing business processes.

Painless to secure

Do you need to connect your partners to your systems in a secure and controlled manner? You can expose Stadium applications to external users and give any user access rights to very specific functions only.

Fast to integrate

Hook into public web API's to enrich your data with additional information or to use RESTful services on offer on the web. Easily done with Stadium scripts.

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