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There’s been a big movement to cloud and the adoption of SaaS in recent years, and in this context, there is a major shift happening from Information Technology (IT) to Business Technology (BT). BT differs from IT in the scale of apps, speed, agility, and being business impact driven. We created Stadium with one mission – to deliver rapid web applications to meet a wide-range of diverse business needs, delivered by a powerful feature-set, simple architecture and a community powered approach that business and IT users can lean on to get the job done.

Until now there have only been two ways to build a web application: 1) learn to code or 2) hire people who know how to code. The former is a huge knowledge gap for non-engineers; the latter is very expensive.

It’s the reason why we built Stadium – a platform that generates the code underneath your design, allowing you to build applications without needing to write any code. We aim to enable a wall-to-wall approach for building and hosting powerful, data-based web applications to meet business needs. We don’t aim to build the next great app but rather our priority is to deliver a product to unlock and accelerate digital transformation within companies that need a better way to display and work with their data.

Let’s Rewind

Coding, however, still looks very much like it did 20 years ago. Yes, things have become easier. Programming languages have become more abstract, open source facilitates collaboration, and communities like Stack Overflow help learning. But at the end of the day, the coding process is still typing highly structured text (code) into a text editor in a way that the computer can understand. If you’re building a web app with a Ruby backend, then you have to worry about sending data from the server to the client, talking to a database, the way web browsers translate html and css into your user interface, asynchronous vs synchronous event code, and much more.


Our vision is to make the business of building and delivering custom web apps simpler. If you want to use your data – no matter the format,  manipulate and empower your data without another add-on or even simpler, if you want that button red, we believe you shouldn’t have to write code. The Stadium principles allow for a diverse range of data inputs including relational databases, web services or files. Our UI builder is the fastest way to create a front-end for data manipulation and presentation, and all you need to do is point to that button and select a shade of red. 


A core belief of the founding team is that coding and programming should be two different things. All you need is a degree of fundamental knowledge of how an application should function {programming} and how your application should work and look like – we’ll do the code.


That’s the essence of Stadium, building functional, fast, hyper-scalable web apps for business people. Technical or not, we want to bring your data to the front-end and allow you to start innovating online; Build web applications. With your data. Without code.



Fast Forward

There are two primary reasons you should use Stadium. The platform will save you time and money. It takes months to learn how to code. Stadium cuts through the learning curve by utilizing drag and drop elements. The user will populate the canvas with these elements and ultimately define the data source, style and theme of your application. Using Stadium is less expensive than hiring a professional developer. It’s not uncommon for the services of a good developer to cost thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity of the application.


The second reason is the ease of use. Yes, we could say drag and drop UI makes things easy but there are thousands of apps that do that. As a business, you strive for flexibility, agility and painless progress.  Stadium offers this – and more – an end to end platform.


Integrating Data: Often the bugbear of many an organisation. Stadium is data-source agnostic allowing you to effortlessly connect your business data without disruption or changes to your current IT architecture. With no need to worry about the underlying complexities, you can design applications that leverage your existing systems and cloud services to deliver rapid innovation in your business. 


Design Flexibility: Design your app your way, using modern themes and if it’s necessary dropdown to Javascript in order to tweak things. Designs are simple to change, updates easy to handle and above all, it’s all done in low-code.

Hosting:  If you are hosting a static front-end app, this shouldn’t really be of concern. But since Stadium is suited to building highly dynamic, data-driven business apps, it does become slightly trickier as you rely on custom server-side APIs or databases to function.  Not only do we provide a server for your application code to run on, but it’s completely customisable. Add databases, upgrade security or add other external services to your application cluster as you see fit. Oh, and by the way, you can deploy with one click from your Designer. 


You can focus on project development as we cover the technical stuff.  Infrastructure, maintenance and upkeep? Sorted. Scalability, performance and security? Built in. Customisation? Always.



Right Now

With all of the above, Stadium has been built to meet the growing demand to develop and release applications not only faster but exactly matched to what your business needs.  Users want to use software that is fast, highly flexible, easy to integrate and very secure. The platforms must not only be intuitive, but also come with a host of easy-to-use plugins, templates, etc. that enable you to create your own custom database applications.

So here is Stadium, a low-code solution to take application development from a multistep, technology-intensive process to a simple three-part path: build, deploy, and manage – without having to master a plethora of computing languages.  A tool to deliver rapid web applications geared toward businesses without any coding. Give it a try…..


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