Stadium Web Application Tool

Why we built Stadium

Data lies at the heart of most businesses and can often be scattered over different databases, API’s and other sources. Coding a system that links it together in one application is a long, difficult and error-prone task. Maintaining such a system is even worse. Throw all of this together into a business world that moves at the speed of light and it becomes a huge challenge for current businesses to overcome.

As a software house, we needed a tool that would provide us with enough freedom to build applications according to our clients wishes as well as provide us with the power to achieve those ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ requests that come with certain projects. We had a look at many products out there and found none that had everything we required. Some allowed you to use a specific database hosted by them only, others tie you into a specific type of database or did not allow for data access across multiple data sources. Looking at the visual web application builders, the user was often required to be a graphic designer rather than simply build a web application that solves the business requirement, quickly and easily.

To overcome these challenges we created a low-code tool called Stadium. The main goals of this tool is to:

  • Rapidly build a web application
  • Access your data anywhere
  • Easily adapt to future changes or requirements

Rapidly build a web application

No hassle, no fuss. This is the motto we try to follow to allow you to focus on building a web application that fulfills your business requirements rather than on having to worry about the intricacies of coding. Use drag-and-drop to build your web pages and scripts with only requiring some minor coding when you want to do the really extraordinary.

Access Data Anywhere

Stadium does not prescribe how you should use your data or where it should live. Instead we introduced the concept of a connector which makes it possible to easily access your data, wherever and in whatever it is stored. The one missing bit currently, hopefully not for long, is a connector for an Object Database.

Easily adapt to future changes or requirements

The business landscape is fluid and constantly on the change. So will your business need to be in order to stand out and you will need to adapt quickly. We kept this in mind while building Stadium and made changing your application and maintaining it super easy. Adapting to changing business does not need to become a matter of planning months ahead of time anymore but simply do it on the fly as and when required.

What are our core competencies?

Your Data Security
Above all else, our commitment to safeguarding your data is the priority influence behind every feature and infrastructure decision we make. This is why we use Microsoft Azure, the world’s leading web service platform, to host our infrastructure and follow the strictest policy guidelines to protect your data 24/7.

Customisation is King
There are many cookie-cutter app solutions out there. We’re not one of them. The cornerstone of Stadium that sets us apart is that we celebrate your unique business processes, and helping businesses build their applications around their custom needs instead of the other way around is what makes us tick.

Data Data Data
Stadium was founded on a mission of database application for anyone and we’ll never stop perfecting our no-code platform until everyone is empowered to build their own data driven applications regardless of their technical abilities or resources. We’re dedicated to making application development accessible to all and we’re committed to keeping our product (and eventually our pricing) in line with this mission.

As always, our work here is dedicated to building the best product we can for our users. To do so, we need your feedback. You can continue to add suggestions in our community or contact us at any time.


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