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New Release: Stadium 5.12

Last week we released the new version of Stadium. This release contains features that moves us considerably closer to our target for this year: Enabling you to easily build and deploy your applications to our hosted environment in the cloud.

The new features are;

Stadium Application Manager

The Stadium Application Manager (better known as SAM) is one of our key features that paves our way to the Stadium Cloud Server – and now it is finally complete! SAM is our powerful application management tool where you individually manage every Stadium application you deploy to the Stadium Server. Here you can change the Login Mode, update your Configurations and Settings, enable the User API, view the Update History or swop into Debug Mode. The Web UI of SAM is easy to use and accessible to anyone you grant permission to.


Remote Deployment

Previously, it was only possible to deploy to a remote Stadium Server via SAM’s Web UI. Now you can setup the different Server’s you work with in your Designer, whether it is 1 or many, and effortlessly deploy changes to the appropriate remote Server without leaving the Designer.


JavaScript action

In one of our Stadium applications we built recently, we needed a timer on a page to refresh a DataGrid at regular intervals. This was not possible via the standard Stadium controls or actions. That is, not until the JavaScript action was introduced! The JavaScript action allows you to write functions and blocks of code which will be run at the point where the action was added into your Stadium Script. Use this action as an extension point to add special behaviour, inject 3rd party controls, or do something we have not thought of yet on your web page.

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