Stadium Web Application Tool

Stadium Goes Cloud

We now offer dedicated hosted Stadium Servers taking all the hassles and problems of hosting your own Server as well as your applications off your hands. Do you foresee your application growing with popularity? See your userbase increase in the future? Need an additional database? No problem! Simply let us know and we will scale up your server to need all the requirements you might have.


Building an application and debugging it can be the most time-consuming task of it all. This is exacerbated if the process of viewing changes to that application is cumbersome.

As a result, we introduced Preview to improve and streamline previewing – and thus debugging also – of your application. Preview builds, deploys and logs you into your application thus leaving you only to check the functionality thereof. All of this is being done in a sandboxed local IIS server therefore not affecting any live site you might already have out there. Once you approve of the changes to the application, simply deploy it to the hosted Stadium Server to take it live.

New Expression Editor

The Expression Editor has a completely new look with a brand-new section – Code Snippets. Expressions in Stadium are complex JavaScript statements used to set the value of controls or actions. Code Snippets allow you to quickly and easily construct these expressions, even if you are not very familiar with the JavaScript syntax.

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