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Stadium 5 Roadmap

We understand that you are making an investment in the Stadium platform so it’s important that we are transparent into where Stadium is going and what features will be included in the near future.

Since we introduced Stadium, our internal roadmap has been a living document. It changes weekly. We pride ourselves on the ability to move quickly and change directions to respond to demand, capture opportunities, and optimise resources to meet our client’s needs.

Our roadmap is set out below. Although subject to change  we do hope it helps to provide some insight into where Stadium is going.

As always, our roadmap is completely defined by building the best product we can for our users. We need your feedback. You can continue to add suggestions in our community or contact us at any time.


Stadium Application Manager
Completion of the Stadium Application Manager. Use this to manage your applications.

Remote deployment
Allow Stadium Designers to deploy to remote servers running the Stadium Server and not only locally.

JavaScript Action
A new action that allows you to write custom javascript that will be executed when the script runs.

Usability improvements


Introduce Debug
The first steps towards making it easier to debug your application

Custom CSS
Write CSS and attach CSS classes to your controls from within the Stadium Designer

Revisit the Stadium website


Create your own structures to store data in and use in scripts.

Tabs Control
A new control rendering tabs on the webpage

Data Visualization (Chart control)
Introduce a chart control and possibly other data visualization controls.

Define a fully customizable row template that will be applied to each row of the data that is displayed in the DataGrid. Show all fields of a query in one column? Show an image in one column and text in another? Show some fields next to each other in separate columns and some fields below each other in another column? All of this will be possible with this control.

Custom Dialog
A fully customizable popup/dialog. Define the content of the dialog as well as the buttons that should be available on it.

Cloud Stadium Server
Deploy your Stadium applications to a cloud platform hosted by us. For an additional fee, enterprise clients will still be able to host their own Stadium Server onsite.

Introduction of product pricing.

Use OAuth as Login Mode for your generated application. Optionally, with this type of Login Mode, visitors will also be able to register themselves as users on your application.

Simplify debugging your application
This still requires a lot of thought but the idea behind it is to make your life as a designer easier to locate and solve bugs that arise in your application while building it.

Deployed sites use httpss
All sites will be deployed using httpss as opposed to https as in the past.

Session Parameters

Easy access to information that will be available for the duration of the user’s session.

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